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October 15th, 2014




YouTuber Impressions (JACKASK #33) is the thirty-third episode of JackAsk. It was a special episode, since there was only one question - "Can you do impersonations of other youtubers?". Later, Jack made another "YouTuber Impressions" video, but it is not a JackAsk episode, and is considered PMS.


Jack: Welcome to a too special, too furious episode of J... *cuts to the intro* "Can you do impersonations of other youtubers?". I think I can do that.
(Bold text says the impersonated YouTuber)
John Green: Hi, I rule Tumblr.
Freddie Wong: Hey, it's me, Freddie Wong... I mean, I mean Rocket Jump Productions, I mean, Freddie W.. sh*t.
Harley Morenstein: Bacon is still funny, right guys?
Jon Cozart: I make videos once a year!
Rhett and Link (together): Good Mythical Morning!
Link: Mornings aren't really mythical, they're.. they're real.
Grace Helbig: Hey everone, it's me, Daily Grace, aw sh*t...
Philip DeFranco: Is the Daily Show to over your head? Check out my show!
Tyler Oakley: My queen, yas, I can't even, Troye Sivan, hyperboly.
Superwoman: Hey, I'm Superwoman. When is DC comics going to sue me? I'm, I'm a little scared.
WheezyWaiter: I sure hope you guys like clone-based humor.
Vsauce: Hey, Vsauce, Michael here, do you wonder, what's the point? Of living?
Ryan Higa: My name's nigahiga. You don't wanna pronounce it the other way.
Jenna Marbles: Boys sure act differently than girls, am I right?
Mathew Santoro: Top 10 reasons why list-based videos are just a passing fad.
Tobuscus: Hey, remember when I made videos?
Shane Dawson: Hey guys, please check out my new feature-length movie "Not Cool". Just please don't look it up on Rotten Tomatoes, whatever you do.
PewDiePie (with a weird accent): Hello, I'm PewDiePie, I have accent.
Olga Kay (also with an accent): Hi, I'm Olga, I have accent.
Roomie (autotuned): Hi, I'm Roomie, I also have one.
Onision: Hey everyone, I'm Onision. I'm scared to do this impression.
Sam Pepper: *breathes heavily into the microphone*
FineBros (together): Hi, we're the Fine Brothers, and we make videos of people watching videos. It's way cooller than it sounds.
Markiplier: Hi, I'm American PewDiePie.
Brock Baker: Hi, I'm Brock Baker. I can do five really good impressions and four hundred, that will make you go: "Meh".
Ray William Johnson: *weird sounds*
Bart Baker: Come watch my videos, if you're not quite ready for Weird Al.
iJustine: I don't really know why I'm famous. I just kinda am.
Ian Hecox: Hi, we're Saturday Night Live for kids.
Tay Zonday: Hey look, it's Chocolate Rain guy, f*ck you! I made all sorts of songs... like Cherry Chocolate Rain.
Annoying Orange: If you're over 15 and you still watch me... I.. I don't know what to tell ya.
Jacksfilms: Welcome to Your Grammar Sucks number 483, Eminem's a good raper, what?! *laughs* Wash, rince, repeat.
*cuts to the intro*



YouTuber Impressions (JACKASK 33)

YouTuber Impressions (JACKASK 33)



Another impressions video, made in 2015.