Erin questioning their engagement in JACKASK #76



Known for

Jack Douglass' fiancée


5 ft 8 in (173 cm)

Erin Elizabeth Breslin is Jack Douglass's fiancée. Erin and Jack met in December 2012, and he proposed to her on their 4-year anniversary in the bar where they met. She made her first appearance in a JackIsANerd video called "Hot Irish Female", and since then she has continued to appear in more videos such as YGS 50, 70, and 100, as well as every JackAsk ending in 6. Erin is older than Jack by a year. She is also commonly known as 2toesup. Erin's Snapchat is bothtoesup because 2toesup had been already been taken. She and Jack publicly announced the engagement on January 2nd, 2017.[1]


  • Erin has medium length hair, blue eyes, and thin eyebrows.
  • Has never had braces.
  • She ties her shoes using the bunny ear method.
  • Jack claimed she had a fear of cotton and styrofoam in Jackask 26 ( 9:23 - 9:44 )
  • She really loves Panic! At The Disco and Taylor Swift.
  • Erin has hosted one YIAY episode.
  • Erin used to have blonde hair.
  • She was born Erin Elizabeth on 27 June 1987 in California. Her mother is a former art teacher.
  • Erin is Catholic.[2]
  • Erin is in love with Hamilton.
  • She doesn't like her last name.


  • "Happy wife, happy life!"
  • "Waityoudidntanswerthequestion"
  • "Listen™"
  • "The Pranksters™"
  • "I don't believe in music; I'm waiting 'till marriage."
  • "Isn't America basically the planet?"


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