Best joke ever. (JackAsk #63)






The "Look" (JackAsk #62)


JackAsk #64

Guest stars

Erin on a picture
CaptainDisillusion, Commentiquette, Peter Gilroy (screenshots from their videos)

Published on

March 16th, 2016



Best joke ever. (JackAsk #63) is the sixty-third episode of JackAsk.

Shane Dawson "Shade"Edit

One of the questions Jack answered this episode was asking if he would rather be a terrible, but popular vlogger, or make quality content and be unrecognised for it. He then proceeded to show screenshots of videos of CaptainDisillusion, Internet Comment Etiquette and Peter Gilroy, showing, that they have too few subscribers and views. Then he started showing screenshots of video titles, like "Tasting Krispy Kreme Donuts" and "Tasting Dollar Menu Items", and of the views they got, which were much more than the previous ones. Then Jack made a short parody of those type of videos, saying, that he can't do it.
Though Jack didn't show, whose videos those were, it was easily identified, that those were videos from Shane Dawson's channel. Many people started accusing Jack of "throwing shade", to which he responded in the comment section with "Hey guys? No "shade" (ugh) is being thrown in today's vid. Just making a point about views for one genre vs. views for another. That's all. Don't read too much into it."



Best joke ever03:31

Best joke ever. (JackAsk 63)

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